SSIS-499 My slutty lover Saika Kawakita

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SSIS-499 Reuniting with the love of my life for the first time in several years… I want to have sex with her for the few hours we can spend together. Ayaka Kawakita and I met through the introduction of close friends. Right from the first meeting, I was captivated by Kawakita's stunning beauty. However, after that day, I had to go abroad for work for several years, and we stopped communicating for a long time. This week I had a few days off so I returned to Japan. Of course the first person I wanted to meet the most was you. I was mentally prepared to meet a married Kawakita, but the truth is I'm still waiting for me, guys. Seeing you again, I still have the original feelings in my heart. She was also shy when she met me, we were like teenagers in love. The difference is that kids who love each other take each other out and go home, but we are different. The desire inside me and my sister was really strong, so we went to the hotel and fucked each other. I don't know what it means to be tired at night, guys... .

SSIS-499  My slutty lover Saika Kawakita

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